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Home Based Business Tips - Three Reasons To Outsource Your Businesses Accounting Needs

Home Based Business Tips - Three Reasons To Outsource Your Businesses Accounting Needs
By: John Purfield

When you have home based business you have to fill many roles in order to keep the company moving. One in particular is the role of the company accountant or bookkeeper. Many businesses use QuickBooks to handle their accounting needs as do I. The benefits of using QuickBooks are endless. Mainly the program provides an easy way to invoice your clients and keep track of your accounts.

However, there is a learning curve using QuickBooks to its full capacity. Also, you want to spend their time doing what's most important business and that's taking care of your customers. So if you can budget this, you will see that there are benefits outsourcing your book keeping. While I recommend that you perform the invoicing yourself, I recommend outsourcing to a book keeper for the other accounting tasks if your business budget allows.

Here are three very good reasons why you should consider outsourcing to a book keeper.

First of all it saves you time and energy. Depending on the size of your business, it could save you a few hours a week. Could you imagine having a few extra hours a week? So here's how they save you time.

Most book keepers instruct you to keep all of your receipts and they post them for you when you send to them. While you want to view reports of your finances, you want to have the book keeper do the leg work by posting payments, receivables and organize and categorize your business according to the accounting software they use.

Most book keepers ask you to submit your materials monthly, bi monthly or quarterly. It depends on your business and the volume of transactions you have. Most work with QuickBooks and categorize all of your transactions in the software itself.

The second reason is you can focus on being the best at your trade and helping your customers. Remember you are offering a service and you need to be better than your competition. So why spend time on something that doesn't make your business better?

For example, you know every detail of the product and service you provide to your clients. You're considered a professional and are expected to know the latest trends in you industry. You can expect the same from the book keeper and you don't have to learn every detail of their trade.

Finally, the book keeper is able to provide information to your CPA to file taxes or they can help you file your taxes.

If you are using Quick Books you are provided with many robust reports to help you file you taxes. The book keeper will be able to provide assistance and advisement.

Whether you use a CPA, your book keeper or yourself to file your businesses taxes the bookkeeper builds and provides the financial snapshot of your business. The bookkeeper then becomes a valuable resource to your business.

When you are always pressed for time to get your projects completed, it may be best to out source your businesses book keeping needs to save you valuable time.

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About the Author: John Purfield. For more home business information visit If you want to read more about hiring a book keeper for your business read: Home Based Business Tips - How to find the best bookkeeper for your business

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